About The Lazy D

History of the Lazy D

I started raising goats at the Lazy D in October of 2018. I took the online goat meat producers course at Langston university I am listed here  


 The sire and dam's on my ranch can all trace their genetics to the great goats listed in the Kiko goat sire's hall of fame listed here https://www.kikogoats.org/foundation-herd-stock 

Since I am relatively new to breeding goats I keep my prices lower so I can build a reputation for breeding and selling quality purebred Kiko breeding stock.

Our Goat's

We breed and sell quality purebred kiko goats. Our goats are raised all naturally. we have been certified as quality meat goat producers by the institute for goat research at Langston university in Langston Oklahoma.

Our Services

I take joy in providing our customers with healthy and genetically superior goats. The available facilities and storages on our farm are hygienic, and the staff to take care of the animals is professional and well trained. I also offer to coach to those interested in raising goats.

All goats Have been sold

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North Texas