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We breed and sell quality purebred kiko goats. Our goats are raised all naturally. we have been certified as quality meat goat producers by the institute for goat research at Langston university in Langston Oklahoma.

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I take joy in providing our customers with healthy and genetically superior goats. The available facilities and storages on our farm are hygienic, and the staff to take care of the animals is professional and well trained. I also offer to coach to those interested in raising goats.

Purebred Kiko goats available for sale

LDR Blue’s salt & pepper is looking for a herd of his own
Blue’s salt & pepper has very strong genetics. he was sired by CGG Little Boy Blue who’s Great Great Grandfather was Sunboy 117 aka Lover Boy . ELH Blues Son produced Little Boy blue’s Grandmother Rak Eve. ELH Blues son was known for producing offspring that were known for parasite resilience, hardiness and having tight black feet which have been tested and proven to be the most resistant to foot rot. ELH Blues son’s pedigree was heavily influenced by Moneymaker. See a copy of his registration in the gallery below.Registered 350.00

New kid's on the way

It looks like we will be having some new kids on the ranch around the first of April. Daisy and Midnight Iron are both due to kid in a few weeks. Here is a recent picture of them,you can view their registration papers with their great genetics in the gallery.

Herd sire

Little boy blue.you can see his superior genetics on his registration papers in the gallery

New kid on the ranch

Midnight Iron has kidded a little buckling born on march 8th.


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