Purebred Kiko Buckling

Purebred Kiko Buckling

This Buckling was born as a single on March 8 2020 his birth weight was 9.03 lbs His sire was Little Boy Blue His Dam was Midnight iron. you can read about their superior genetics in the gallery on this page. some of the notable Kiko goats in his bloodline are hall of famer's Perhaps the best known son of Zorro was Tay Onyx. He was the result of crossing the big, black, Zorro on the Caston Creek doe, Miss Liberty, a daughter of Betula Hills Moneymaker. His sons and daughters are characterized by extra large frames, lots of color, and plenty of attitude. He is the sire of Iron Horse , and our Mystery's granddad. The Terminator bloodline is the arguably the most parasite resistant, hardy Kiko bloodline. Kiko breeders like to keep replacement does from the Terminator bloodline for their great mothering ability. There weren’t many goats registered out of the Terminator bloodline, but the ones that were are exceptionally good : Southwest Cisco and Terminator II. Cisco was a solid red buck that produced great bucks like ECR Rusty and BBM Dale. Terminator II was a black buck that produced great bucks like Wild Bill and Turbo COO Iron Horse is a buck with incredible genetic quality. His offspring gained a reputation among many kiko breeders. Bucklings out of Iron Horse are proven sires in the Kiko breed. Iron Horse passes great size, and color .He sired multiple winners over the years at Oklahoma Forage Tests. He is out of the best New Zealand bloodlines. Iron Horse Passed away in 2014. We have one of his daughters and many of his "grands" in our breeding herd. Want size? Iron Horse weighed 320# in his prime! He is not registerd the price is 400.00

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